Note that we only own images that we have created (original photos and artwork), and these are available for prints. While we host a variety of public domain art images on our websites, we are unable to offer these as prints.

We do not print or fulfill the prints ourselves; another company does this for us. We guarantee the quality of our prints, and if you are not satisfied, please let us know.



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Thank you for your interest in our images. We own and host many popular images that are available as prints or for download. Many of these images are displayed on our websites, ChurchYear.Net, Ancient-Future.Net, and Life in Your Years. If you enjoy our websites, or have benefited from the information contained within them, we would be grateful if you would consider supporting us by ordering some prints.

To order prints of our images, click here.

If you wish to download higher-resolution images for use in bulletins, newsletters, etc, please contact us using our contact form. Non-Profits, such as schools and churches, may inquire about how to use our images for free.

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